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Slovak doctors earn less than the employees of the National Health Insurance Agency.

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

The employees from the National Health Insurance agency in Slovakia (VšZP) have a better salary than doctors, informs the first page of PRAVADA under the title “The doctor earns less than an employee of the Health Insurance Agency”.

In some cases their pay is greater with over 70Euro. An employee of the Health Insurance Agency earns about 918.5 Euro, while a doctor form the Bojnice hospital earns about 910 Euro.

The National Health Insurance Agency is a bit more generous with its employees regarding their premium offer in June, when they handed out bonuses worth over 491.000 Euro. On the other hand, the state clinics didn’t offer anything, because of the lack of funds.

VÅ¡ZP in comparison with any state clinic registers higher expenses regarding their operating system.

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