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Medical news from the Baltic states

Friday, January 27th, 2012


Saeima Economic, Agricultural, Environmental and Regional Policy Committee approved in principle amendments to the Public Procurement Law, so the Baltic countries could jointly organize procurement of medications and medical equipment.

This joint procurement procedure will make it possible for the Baltic countries to buy medications and medical equipment at lower prices, thereby saving state budget funds. The committee’s bill has been submitted to parliament, with the committee requesting that the bill be reviewed as soon as possible.




According to the Estonian Health Development Institute (HDI) health statistics department, the total share of healthcare spending in the state’s GDP fell to 6.3% in 2010 being 908.1 million Euros in current prices.

As compared to 2009, it was a 0.7% fall. It was caused by general fall of healthcare spending and 3.4% growth of GDP. Since 1999, when statistical data collection on Estonia’s healthcare total spending was launched, till 2008, the total spending grew each year but since 2009, a fall took place.

The initial data on 2011 healthcare spending will be revealed in December 2012.




In Estonia, 28% of the patients have to wait a week to call on a medical doctor, 31% have to wait eight days to a month, and 39% have to wait longer than a month to see the doctor, reports the Estonian news portal ERR, referring to a governmental study.

During the economic recession, queues for appointments with specialized physicians got significantly longer, concluded a government poll. Around 12% of respondents said they visited a private health care clinic because lines in the public care system were so long, and the quality of medical treatment is better in the private sector.

Also, since 2009, visits with dentists, nurses, and specialists have been on the decline, mainly because of economic hardship, according to the poll.


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Monday, November 28th, 2011

I bet that when most of you think of hospitals and food at the same time, you can only think of well… hospital food. And I bet that hospital food is never on someone’s favorite dish list…

Well, things just got interesting… In Latvia, more specifically in Riga, there is such a restaurant in which a salad and a Straight Jacket are a please:


Is an unusual restaurant in Riga, the capital of Latvia, in which customers eat among skeletons, hospital gurneys and video screenings playing medical clips from various popular movies. The two story restaurant is decorated mostly in an E.R. operating room theme. But if the thought of undergoing surgery isn’t unpleasant enough for you, you can request a table in the restaurant faux dental office. There you can enjoy your meal while sitting in a dentist’s chair. Fortunately, the chair is not equipped with a tiny sink whit swirling water in which the clients can spit their food.

The one medically related place that people dread more than the dentist is the gynecologist office.  So, of course, Hospitalis has one of these too. Ah, listening to a live band while eating a meal in a gynecologist’s exam room—now there’s a multi-orifice experience few other restaurants can match!
The food at Hospitalis consists mostly of continental European selections and salads. We’ve heard of health food but this is ridiculous. An entree with appetizer and drink will set you back around Ls. 15 ,which is about €21 or US$27 or about US$24,973 less than it costs to visit a real hospital in America.

Hospitalis also has a small “crazy menu” with entrees like liver-filled quail that are prepared in such a way as to resemble something that might have been surgically extracted from a person. You have to sign an indemnity waiver before ordering anything from the “crazy menu” (no, that’s not a joke) so here’s to hoping that the liver they fill the quail with isn’t being removed from you.

Though you can order a “normal” meal at Hospitalis? Be prepared to eat it with syringes, scalpels and other surgical utensils. In that same vein (pun), drinks are served in the likes of test tube vials and I.V. bags. If you are the designated driver but can’t resist getting a drink then ordering a Corona beer in a urine sample jar should ensure that you’ll be sober for the trip home.

Amazingly, Hospitalis is not the world’s only medical themed restaurant. There is one in Taipei and another one in Singapore. All three were started by former doctors and all have some sort of naughty nurse thing happening (at Hospitalis some of the female wait staff wear rather skimpy nurse’s outfits), which makes us wonder where it is these doctors practiced before getting into the restaurant business.

Hospitalis, however, is the world’s only medical-themed restaurant where diners can volunteer to be strapped into a Straight Jacket while being spoon fed by the restaurant’s staff. This makes sense to us—you’d have to be crazy to eat here.

Video: Hospitalis


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