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German hospitals interested in Czech doctors

Friday, November 16th, 2012

German hospitals atract more and more czech doctors offering them hundreds of positions. The salary of doctor in Germany is 4 times higher that in the Czech Republic, but this is not the sole reason that makes Germany so attractive, equippment and professional growth opportunities also tip the ballance in Germany’s favor.

A young doctor in Germany earns about 3800 Euro’s /month while in the Czech republic the starting salary for a young doctor is 1000 Euros.

Last year, 172 med school graduates applyed for work abroad. After the first half of this year almost 100 doctors applied, having Germany the main destination point.


Source of the article: Slovenský rozhlas (12.11.2012 ,posted by Boris Kršňák, Prague)

Czech doctors working abroad for salaries 4 times as high

Friday, May 11th, 2012

According to the Czech Television, the graduates from the Czech Faculty of Medicine choose to leave the Czech Republic and work abroad.

How many?

According to the official data, only last year about 172 graduates have left to work abroad, despite the success of the “Děkujeme, odcházíme” (thank you, we are leaving) movement that had a favorable outcome for the doctors.



A salary 4 times higher than the one he would have received back in the Czech Republic, is just one of the motivational factors that drove Dr. Vetelsky Martin, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine from the Karlov University in Prague, who is currently working in Germany.

“Of course, one of the reasons was the financial aspect, but there are also other reasons: the possibilities offered regarding professional development, more opportunities in terms of graduate studies…

Another thing that really delights me is the friendliness and ease with which interpersonal relationships are established in the hospital, in the waiting room, between the doctors and patients alike.” Said Vetelsky.

The migration phenomenon does not just involve the fresh graduates. The numbers indicate that only last year 500 experienced doctors left the country, states Ceska TV
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