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Bulgarian Doctors: Unmooring of user fee of minimum wage is populism

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

A day after the government announced the intention that part of the social taxes should not be tied to the minimum salary, the Medical Council gathered to discuss the new rules.

According to the doctors, the General Practitioner tax of 2 leva and 70 stotinci, which currently are paid when you visit the family doctor should not be changed. According to them, the goal of the government is to reduce the taxes of the retired people before the local and presidential elections.

A couple of months ago, the decision to make the tax for the elderly 1% of the minimum pension, was discussed in parliament. As a result of the discussions, the bill drafted by the red deputy Emilia Maslarova was rejected by the Health Committee and by the Ministry of Health.

The doctors were surprised by the decision taken by the government now, because a few days ago the Health Committee in parliament has decided that the General Practitioner tax remains 1% from the lowest wage.

A couple of months ago, the Minister of Health Stefan Konstantinov shared the same opinion.

Besides the tax for visiting the General Practitioner, there are in discussion 53 more taxes, including the subsidies for the political parties. The new shape of the taxes is yet not clear. The government states that the new tax mechanism will be clarified by 01/10.

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