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Young Romanian Doctors – being sued by their hospitals

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

According to the Romanian law, once a young doctors starts a residency program inside a Romanian hospital he is required by law to practice medicine inside the hospital for at least 5 years after becoming a specialist doctor.

Of course, we know that this is not always the case. Recently, hospitals have decided to take matters in their own hand in order to keep young doctors inside the public hospitals in Romania.

Some hospitals have considered being good employers and offering young doctors extra cash besides the 1000 Ron starting salary (225 Euros) and even accomodation, and some hospitals have decided to use the law, and sue if one decides to accept a position abroad or at another hospital within Romania, thus requiring the young doctor to pay back the hospital the equivalent of all salaries earned inside the hospital during the residency program.

But is it ok to “tie doctors to the land” or in this case to the hospital?!

Do you consider this action moral and ethical?!

What’s your oppinion on this subject?!


On the other hand, the article also comments on the fact that patients continue to “bribe” doctors and nurses. Patients in Romania consider that if they give the doctor or the nurse some extra cash, they will recieve better care and won’t be required to wait to long for a check-up.

Of course, this segment also underlines the fact that in the majority of cases doctors and nurses don’t ask for extra money from the patients. 

Patients consider that giving the doctors and nurses a “extra attention” they reward the specialists that are underpayed and keep them practicing medicine in Romanian hospital.

What’s your oppinion on this subject?



European doctors ask for the hospital doctors to be rewarded with a salary at least as big as two-three national average salaries

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

European doctors call on governments of the European Union member countries to guarantee the minimum wage for hospital doctors, starting from no less than two to three national average salaries, and to ensure uninterrupted financing of health systems at a level comparable with the EU average.

The European Association of Hospital Physicians and Medical Employees adopted at the General Assembly held in May 17 to 19 in Varna, a statement urging the governments of the European Union member countries to ensure uninterrupted funding schemes for the health system at a level comparable with the average of the EU countries in order to meet the first factor for economic recovery in the EU, states a press release sent by the College of Physicians in Romania to Mediafax.

The two professional organizations require, an improvement of technical facilities in hospitals, so as to meet international scientific standards, guaranteeing a minimum wage for hospital doctors, according to their qualifications, but at least as high as two or three average salaries per economy, full and rapid implementation of national legislation on working time directives, achieving a balance between the working time and personal time and family life, thus guaranteeing a professional autonomy and self-government of hospital doctors.

“The right to health is a fundamental right recognized by all European treaties. The delegations of EMSA and FEMS meeting in Varna believe that maintaining the quality of the health systems in all member countries of the European Union requires suitable working conditions for doctors in hospitals,” said the representatives of the Medical College of Romania (CMR).

Romania was represented at this meeting by the Medical College of Romania, the Democratic Federation of Physicians “Dr. Ioan Cantacuzino” and the Federal Chamber of Physicians.

“I felt embarrassed when I compared the situation in Romania to that of doctors in other countries. In the debate, representatives of other countries were shocked by some aspects regarding the Romanian medical system, especially regarding the income they get, working time and independence. Delegations of the two organizations have expressed support for the position of the College of Physicians in Romania. Some delegates have considered shameful the revenues that doctors form Romania and Bulgaria receive. Therefore the mention of salaries two or three times as big as the national average salaries, and on a later stage the establishment of a European line of income for doctors from different systems in Europe”, said Professor Vasile Astarastoae, president of CMR.

At the meeting, the representative of the Medical College of Romania, Vlad Tica Ph.D., was elected Vice President of the European Association of Hospital Doctors.

AEHM is a professional association that aims primarily to improve all aspects of the conditions in hospitals in Europe. The association defends hospital doctors, engages in debates about the European directives and national legislation regarding working conditions, European Working time Directives, Directives on services in Health and free movement of health professionals.


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