INTERVIEW: Dr C.M., Anesthetist – France

Dr C.M., Anesthetist – France

I have been practicing for more than 6 months in a Public Hospital in Lorraine, in France and I’m very satisfied with my situation.

I have been well-received from the very first moment by the Management, by the Head of Anesthesiology Department and by the whole team, so my integration went well. The Hospital offered me a flat during 6 months with a very low rent, which also helped me a lot at the beginning.

After my first visit at the Hospital everything went quickly and smoothly: 2 months after that the College of Doctors in France registered me and I started to practice with a Contractual Practitioner status.

I really love my new professional environment and I would like to thank You hereby that You’ve allowed me to join such a great team.

Dr C.M., Anesthetist

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