They want to study medicine in order to leave the country

The young graduates are virtually killing each other for the number of vacant positions in the countries Medical Universities. Why? They want to study here, in order to leave the country as licensed Physicians and practice medicine aboard for a lot of money. This is the mentality of most young candidates that have enrolled this year at the Faculty of Medicine.

The biggest competition has been registered this year at the Faculty of Medicine from the University “Carol Davila” Bucharest: 4.4 candidates per available place, double the number from last year.

The University of Medicine and Pharmacy Iasi had a record breaking competition this year: 2400 candidates on 700 available places.

“It’s the biggest competition in the last 15 years! In the last 3 years the trend has been upward since the EU needs a lot of doctors and the diploma exam is recognized without any difference. On the other hand, competition is also due to the medical status, it is a profession that attracts and attracted as before the high peaks.” – Prof. Dr. Vasile Astărăstoaie

The University of Medicine Cluj dose not have any available tuition places, making the battle between the candidates even more fierce. In dental technology, for example, there are 7 candidates per available place.

“Ovidius” University of Constanta is on the last place on the podium, for the Faculty of Medicine there are 2.9 candidates per available place. There are 127 available places and 365 candidates. Tuitions can reach about 3500 Lei per year.

“It is quite expensive to study medicine. The fee is in comparison to other expenses such as manuals and other learning material is not that big. My dream is to practice medicine in England. I have a uncle who works as a doctor in a hospital there. His pay is very generous.” – Andrei a future doctor.

Run like the wind!

Nobody wants to learn and practice medicine for the miserable pay of 750 Lei( 160euro)! The medical highway is not a new subject but it is always present. Nationally 2800 have left last year and another 4700 have applied to leave.

Countries like England, Ireland, Spain, Germany, Australia, South Africa, UAE, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium and France provide payrolls between 2000 and 12000 euro. Hospitals in Germany offer training opportunities for almost any specialty and in Britain doctors with at least two years of experience can earn wages starting from 2000 pounds. In Germany, the lowest salaries start from about 3000 euro and concern mostly young doctors.

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