Recruiting agencies, the starting-point for any job-hunt

The key in finding a good work-place is in knowing the job market. If you would dissect the job market a bit you would realize that there are two methods for finding a job: directly and indirectly.
The direct method involves a response to a notice given by the employer, and the indirect method involves either appealing to different connections you may have in your field of work, attending various job fairs, searching on-line, or you can submit your resume to various companies, even if they do not offer a job at the time.


Contrary to what you may think, recruitment agencies do not charge to register your CV in their database. Besides this advantage there is also the economy of time and energy. Basically the agency works for you, selecting from the multitude of job-offers available on the market that are better suited for your needs and profile. If you decided to start your job-hunt by cooperating with a professional agency, this is how the system of such a company works. Initially you have to submit your resume to an agency, afterwards you will be asked to participate at an interview in order to identify your points of interest. Once this stage is completed, you will be presented with a list of jobs that would fit your profile. Once you are interested in at least one of the job-offers, the consultant will submit your data to the employer in your name and make arrangements for an interview with the employer.

WHAT TO DO TO JOIN A AGENCY’S DATABASE? IT IS SIMPLE! Just look for placement agencies specialized in your areas of interest and contact them! Visit a few of them and compare services offered and the way they treat you. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

For a young person it is more advantageous to use a recruitment firm. It boosts the chances of finding a job-opportunity quickly. First, you get advice that will help you to build confidence in your own resources, you will benefit from help with your resume, and also will be couched in how to present yourself at a job interview. Also you have the chance to find a serious job, because recruitment companies reserve the right to select the companies they work with and provide any information about these to the candidates.

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